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Founded in 1978 as a small Wooden door company, Sedef Wooden is now one of the world brands in the production of wooden doors. Our company, which attaches importance to service, quality and technology, currently continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its 22.000 m2 factory, wide stock areas. With our advanced machinery and more than 40 years of experience, we continue to contribute to the production of large international orders and Turkish production. Sedef Wooden door or furniture products to maintain stability, only the highest quality products to keep up with the needs of today and the future R & D work with expert staff continues unabated. With our beautiful, elegant products, the places where we taste are growing rapidly every day.

To be respectful to nature, to give back what he has given us, we use only trees for industrial purposes and at the end of the production process we do not waste our basic resources by recycling our ever increasing materials. Sedef is a strong and reliable business partner for quality products and services.

With its strategic location, our large warehouses in Istanbul and auxiliary areas have the capacity to deliver to all countries of the world with automatic stock management. Sedef, a solution partner in projects, continues to be the choice of professionals.

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